Lost & Found Pets resources

Both national (USA) and local resources for Dublin-Pleasanton-Livermore (Calif.) area

National databases:

Pets911.com A web-based national database of lost and found animals. Both lost and found pets can be listed on this web site for 2 weeks at a time. After 2 weeks, you may list the animal again (which you'd want to do). You may also include an optional photo. Similar to, but better organized than, the PetFinder.com's Classifieds ads below. Free of charge.)
PetFinder.com Classifieds section Lost and found pets can be listed on this web site for 2 weeks at a time. After 2 weeks, you may re-list the animal. Free of charge.
Lost Pets Database by HomeAgain Microchip ID company (Schering-Plough Corp.) Lost and found pets can be listed here, free of charge.

Local resources for Dublin-Pleasanton-Livermore (Calif.) area:

East County Animal Shelter (ECAS) File an "official" report here (lost or found animal) at this county facility/pound first, as this is where captured stray animals are most likely to end up, more so than the local humane society and SPCA in this area. To file a report over the phone, call ECAS at 925-803-7040 11:30am-5:30pm daily, or better yet make a visit in person (ECAS map). Check the cages yourself, and be sure to ask them to check a list of recent "found animal" reports as well. (Note: some people will file a "found" report here but keep the animal at home to keep ECAS from possibly euthanizing the animal.) Keep checking this facility regularly IN PERSON to see if your animal has turned up -- don't rely on phone calls. Don't give up.
Contra Costa Times Classified You can check the local newspaper classified listings here online. (Look in the Lost & Found section.) Keep checking at least weekly, since each ad runs only for a week.
Place a Contra Costa Times Newspaper Classified ad  Call 1-800-733-3933, 7AM-4PM, to place a classified ad in this local paper. ("Found Pet" ads are free; runs 1 week, 3 lines maximum)
Craig's List A well-known S.F. Bay Area on-line list for all things. Lost & Found pets ads run 10 days at a time. Free of charge.
Print posters with the animal's photo -- both in cases of lost as well as found animals. Post them in your neighborhood as well as local humane society (Valley Humane Society map) and SPCA (Tri-Valley SPCA map) locations. Visit them and ask to keep an eye out for your lost pets. Talk to neighbors to watch out for your lost pets.


Last modified: 03/22/2004