Cardiology in general, with emphasis in auscultation.

Dr. Bonagura's auscultation papers Invaluable resource for learning small animal cardiac auscultation

HCM Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy info

Veterinary-specific resources

Canine cardiology - University of Saskatchewan (Veterinary) Covers fundamentals of canine/small animal auscultation well.

Cardiac pathologies -- LBAH From Long Beach Animal Hospital

Cardiology -- UC Davis (Veterinary) Cardiology case studies, UC Davis

Feline auscultation -- Colorado State (Veterinary)  With feline auscultation audio samples

Veterinary Heart Institute

Small animal cardiology (Veterinary -- University of Penn) Small and large animals

Human cardiology and auscultation (Useful for veterinary purposes as well)

Auscultation assistant (Human) Features various sample cardiac sounds

Blaufuss Cardiology multi-media tutorial (Human) Features a tutorial and useful (but hard!) proficiency quiz using cardiac sound files. Excellent animation.

Cardiac Auscultation - Loma Linda University (Human) Very nice animation of how heart works, with sounds

Cardiac Auscultatory Recording Database -- Johns Hopkins University (Human) On-line training program with a vast collection of (human) heart sounds for learning ausculation. (ID and password required)

Heart Diseases -- Rush Children's Heart Center Concisely explains many congenital and other cardiac pathologies (in children and animals alike), including PDA, tetoralogy of Fallot, VSD, cardiomyopathies.

Heart Diseases -- info for medical professionals (Rush Children's Heart Center)

A guide to arrythmias -- St.Vincent's Hospital (Human) Animations show paths of cardiac electrical pulses

Human cardiac auscultation demonstration (Human) A movie clip -- instructive, but keep in mind that auscultation areas are different for cats/dogs than for humans. (Also, they don't purr or wiggle out of your hold or have thick fur, so I think it's much easier doing it on people.) [No longer accessible? 12/03]

Auscultation - McGill University (Human) Sound files -- both cardiac and pulmonary auscultations. (It used to be here.)


Last modified: 11/12/2004