Feline behaviors

Introduction to cat behaviors Many articles and tips on cat behaviors, including aggression
FAQ: Problem behaviors in cats From rec.pets.cats newsgroup FAQ document
Dumb Friends League - animal advice and info A long-time animal rescue and education organization in Colorado. The website features extensive information on many topics including cat behaviors. 
Cat Fence-In cat containment system A netting material to hang on fence to keep cats in your yard (and keep others out mostly). [I use it. -Webmaster]
"Social Cats" (An article in Sept. '01 Science News) Long misunderstood as asocial, some scientists attempt to understand complex social behaviors of domestic cats; "cat buddies" and "behavioral styles."
Cat Behavior Tip Sheets by Humane Society of the United States. Covers aggression, new pet introduction, destructive behavior, urine marking, litter box problem, toys and more.
Dog and cat behavior: When Problems Arise A short introductory article from Center for Companion Animal Health, UC Davis
Cat behavior topics from Humane Society Silicon Valley. Many topics are covered.
Ask Purina: Cats Many topics in nutrition, behavior, health, and kittens
Tally's Cat Behavior Links An extensive collection of cat behavior-related links.


Aggressive behaviors in cats Cornell Feline Health Center -- a client education brochure
Cat bite behavior How to deal with them -- from Veterinary Partner . Com
Feline aggression How to deal with them -- from Veterinary Partner . Com
Unruly and Annoying Behaviors in Dogs and Cats From a veterinary conference presentation
Understanding and treating feline aggression by Horwitz From International Veterinary Information Service (IVIS): Types of feline aggression, treatment approaches, and prognoses.

House soiling / spraying

House soiling From Cornell Feline Health Center
Feline Elimination Disorders Approaches to diagnosis and treatments (From a veterinary conference presentation.)
Preventing spraying From Veterinary Partner . Com
Feliway behavior modification spray For some people, this product has worked well.

Furniture/carpet scratching

    (Also check "House soiling / spraying" and "General" above)

For additional references please check General Information in Vet Tech / Vet Med section.

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