Veterinary diabetes

Information on diabetes mellitus

Diabetes in general
bullet Feline diabetes -- Long Beach Animal Hospital. An extensive, detailed information written for owners of cats with diabetes. An excellent web site -- very informative.
bullet Diabetes in dogs and cats -- Washington State University. A client education page for owners of dogs and cats with diatetes -- from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine
bullet Feline diabetes -- Cornell University. A brief overview of feline diabetes -- Cornell Feline Health Center
bullet Pets with Diabetes Web Site An excellent educational/support resource for owners of pets with diabetes, with many practical tips. (Created by the owner of a diabetic cat; she has backgrounds in biology and toxicology.)
bullet Frugal Feline Diabetes Tips and advices for a cost-effective management of feline diabetes
bullet New Message Emerges in Treating (Human) Diabetes The New York Times reports on the increasing recognition of the importance of lowering high blood pressure in (human) diabetes, possibly even more important than lowering blood sugar.
bullet Understanding (human) diabetes -- latest discoveries and insights A Time magazine feature article. Increasing recognition of both dietary and genetic roles. Diet and lifestyle changes are important in treating this chronic disease. (December 8.,'03 issue.)

Specifically on home testing of blood glucose levels

bulletHome Testing of Blood Glucose for Diabetic Cats A video shows how to use Accu-Chek Advantage glucose meter on a cat.
bulletMeasuring a Ferret's Blood Glucose Level How to use FreeStyle glucose meter to check a diabetic ferret's blood glucose level (Note: Some users have raised questions about FreeStyle's accuracies when used for veterinary purposes. Accu-Chek Advantage and Ascensia (Bayer) Elite/Elite XL are two popular models for veterinary uses.)
bulletHarry's Home Blood Glucose Testing Website Information on home blood glucose testing for diabetic pets
bullet Use of Portable glucose meter in dogs and cats -- University of Zurich. Study found use of portable glucose meter at home for diabetic dogs and cats easy and beneficial
bullet Choosing a glucose meter for home testing From the Pets with Diabetes web site. [Link is no longer available]


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