Dog behaviors and tips

How to understand them better

Dumb Friends League - animal advice and info A long-time animal rescue and education organization in Colorado. The website features extensive information on many topics including dog behaviors. 
Unruly and Annoying Behaviors in Dogs and Cats From a veterinary conference presentation
Dog behavior topics from Humane Society Silicon Valley. Many topics are covered.
Ask Purina: Dogs Many topics in nutrition, behavior, health, puppies and other.
Dog and cat behavior: When Problems Arise A short introductory article from Center for Companion Animal Health, UC Davis
Selected dog articles by Sophia Yin, DVM -- From her San Francisco Chronicle column
Dogs' innate ability to understand humane gestures New study suggests genetic basis for dogs' ability to understand human body language

For additional references please check General Information in Vet Tech / Vet Med section.


Last modified: 12/15/2004