Vet Tech / Vet Med Resources

Emphasis in feline topics, but also on dogs and some exotic animals

with an eye on shelter medicine

General informaion

bulletWashington State Vet Med Client Education Much useful information here. Excellent site. (Includes some streaming videos.) -- Dogs & Cats
bulletLong Beach (CA) Animal Hospital (dogs, cats, exotic animals) Extensive and detailed client information -- Choose a topic where it says "Medical Services" and click "Go"
bulletCFA Health Committee / Winn Feline Foundation Cat disease / care information from CFA -- many great info sheets
bulletCornell Feline Health Center Client information brochures (cats)
bulletFeline Advisory Bureau A UK web site with many excellent information sheets (cats)
bulletRec.pets.cats FAQ Index A cat owners' newsgroup FAQ document index page (cats)
bulletPet Web Library Mar Vista Animal Medical Center. Another very good source.
bulletAAFP Practice Guidelines AAFP publishes various practice guidelines for feline practices (On: FIV/FeLV, Senior care, and Vaccination -- cats)
bulletHSUS resource library Humane Society of the US -- Excellent online resource library
bulletInternet Cat Club Feline Health Topics An extensive compilation of feline health and general links maintained by Karen Laurence for Internet Cat Club (ICC). An excellent source.
bulletIVIS (International Veterinary Information Service) A NY-based non-profit organization founded in 1998 to provide "up-to-date, clinically relevant information to practicing veterinarians, veterinary students" and "animal health professionals" world wide. A simple free registration gives anyone access.
bullet Dumb Friends League - animal advice and info A long-time animal rescue and education organization in Colorado. The website features extensive information on many topics. Also offers 24/7 advice telephone lines. (dogs, cats, other)
bulletVeterinary Partner .COM A veterinary health information source (dogs & cats)
bulletVetInfo .Com A veterinary health information resource authored by Dr. Mike Richards. Contains some specific and useful information that may be difficult to find elsewhere. (dogs & cats)
bulletAsk Purina: Dogs Many topics in nutrition, behavior, health, puppies and other.
bulletAsk Purina: Cats Many topics in nutrition, behavior, health, and kittens
bulletMerck Veterinary Manual Online Comprehensive and authoritative veterinary medical information -- online version of the printed version readily available in many bookstores. (All species)
bulletNational Animal Poison Control Center  National Animal Poison Control Center (ASPCA) web page (24/7; 888-426-4435 / (900)-443-0000; $45 per case)
bulletHealthyPet.COM by AAHA (American Animal Hospital Assoc.) Contains "Pet Care Library" -- with advises and other information (dogs & cats)
bulletBlue Cross (UK) Pet care advises (Dogs & cats)
bulletBayerDVM.COM A vet med resource provided by Bayer
bulletDVM News Magazine Online news magazine for vets
bulletUC Davis Library UC Davis library's Internet veterinary resources list
bulletVSPN (Veterinary Support Personnel Network) VSPN reference links
bullet VetTech.org  Information about becoming a veterinary technician; a comprehensive listing of US vet tech schools
bulletGoogle -- Veteirnary Medicine Google directory of top veterinary information websites
bulletVeterinary Links (It used to be here.) 


Specific topics:

Anatomy Feline anatomy references

Blood Blood tests, venipuncture, WBC differential counts, etc.

Cardiology Cardiology resources -- including cardiac auscultation, HCM

Dermatophytosis Ringworm, etc.

Diabetes Information on diabetes mellitus

Disinfection and sterilization Particularly important in shelter environments

Diagnostic clinical procedures Practical non- and minimally-invasive clinical and lab procedures and instruments in shelter medicine. (Because even though they are "penniless" they deserve expert care.)

Euthanasia Euthanasia info

Hepatic Lipidosis Feline Hepatic Lipidosis info

FIP Feline Infectious Peritonitis info

FIV Feline Immunodeficiency Virus ("Feline AIDS") info

FLUTD / FUS Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

FeLV Feline Leukemia info

Fluid therapy Fluid therapy info (Administering Lactated Ringer's Solution, etc.)

Meds Medications

Microbiology & Immunology Two very comprehensive online medical microbiology & immunology textbooks here

Microscopy Links to some useful microscopy web sites

Nutrition Hills Prescription Diet, etc.

Ophthalmology Eye problems

Otitis Ear problems

Parasitology Sample fecal slide pictures and more

Pediatrics Kittens and puppies

Physical exams and medicating animals Physical examinations, administering medications

Professional organizations Vet Med related professional organizations and government agencies

URI Upper Respiratory Infection info

Urinalysis Urinalysis references

Vaccines Veterinary vaccines and related topics

VAS Vaccine Associated Sarcoma info

West Nile Virus West Nile Virus info

Misc.  Miscellaneous


Last modified: 06/24/2012